Kohei Yoshiyuki

Kohei constructed a rather discreet flash to photograph Japanese peeping toms in the early 70's. He used infrared film to make images under low light conditions. The resulting images are strange and disturbing. These photographs are not staged and they are made in public parks where lovers go to be alone and perhaps to be a part of this strange process of performance.


Jeff Wall

More staged narrative stuff from the father of the genre: Jeff Wall

A Sudden Gust of Wind ( After Hokusai)


After Invisible Man

054/01 Class Pic


Phillip-Lorca diCorcia

The Staged Narrative
More on Phillip-Lorca diCorcia

Los Angeles

Mary and babe, 1982
Marylin; 28 years old; Las Vegas, Nevada; $30, 1990-1992


052/02 Class Pic 2nd take


The Strobist

Great blog for help and suggestions on using portable flash. Thanks David Reuter for the info
Go to http://strobist.blogspot.com/


Chippewa's Abandoned Amusement Park

The Color class went to the abandoned amusement park in Chippewa Lake and below are some images taken by David Reuter.

Spotlight on Look

Check out Yujean Park's blog @ look.ofeverydaylife.org/

Birthday Girls

Happy Birthday Helen,Cara,Lauren & Hevi

Nic Nicosia

He, along with people such as Jeff Wall and DiCorcia, began the "staged " genre way back. His images are humorous and full of angst at the same time. Using a large format camera , he staged his photos to look like documentary pictures. Click on the pics to see the larger versions

Yeondoo Jung's images are based on the artist's daughter's drawings.Great collaborative project and the scale of the project is impressive


Panasonic LX3

We just got 4 in the equipment check out room. It is very nice to shoot with ( 10 mega pixels and a leica lens )

Super Model picture with reflector

Before ( without reflector)

052-01 Class Pic

)52-02 Class Pic