The Helens

Taken by Hevi's dad at her Final Thesis


Preview of John Choi's images from his final thesis show.

Boarding school
on the other end of the country.

South Africa.
Living with Korean Buddhists.
Watching stars fall every night
and meditating before the sun rises.

A hard summer to breathe. A friend I miss.

All works are from Distance , a record of John chasing after airplanes . A reinterpretation of the Sublime

Alex's work in progress

Exciting stuff from the concert in Cleveland. Alex is shooting 4x5 portraits of teenagers (sometimes with their parents who dropped them off) at rock shows.


Three Graces

Thanks to Hannah for Nimoy's reinterpretation of the Three Graces. The photographer is also known as Spock on Star Trek


Dulce Pinzon. Superheroes

MARIA LUISA ROMERO from the State of Puebla works in a Laundromat in Brooklyn New York. She Sends 150 dollars a week

MINERVA VALENCIA from Puebla works as a nanny in New York. She Sends 400 dollars a week.

BERNABE MENDEZ from the State of Guerrero works as a professional window cleaner in New York. He sends 500 dollars a month.

LUIS HERNANDEZ from the State of Veracruz works in demolition in New York. He sends 200 dollars a week.

What if Spider-Man had been born in Guerrero, Mexico instead of New York City? What if he had to come to the United States surreptitiously, and was so busy working blue collar jobs to send money home to his family that he couldn't find the time to fight crime and kiss gringas in the rain? That's exactly what photographer Dulce Pinzon wanted to know, and the answer to that question formed the philosophical substrate for a collection of images she created last year. Each picture shows a Mexican immigrant at work in the United States, dressed as a superhero. Here you can see Bernabe Mendez, from Guerrero, doing his window cleaning. By Annalee Newitz