Burning House

Carrie Schneider built dozens of small houses, brought them one at a time to an island in a lake in Wisconsin, and set them on fire.

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LANDscapeING by Raom and Loba

"Raom is an Argentine Painter. Loba a Parisian artist. They chose to collaborate on a photographic work. The project is underway and titled LANDscapeING. It features children parachuting into a landscape."

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Alex Prager

New Video on Alex Prager's new work, Compulsion and La Petite Mort.



Die Antwoord + Roger Ballen

We were talking about Roger Ballen in seminar recently...for some reason I was watching Die Antwoord videos (here's a good example, if you haven't heard them) and just found this one, directed by Roger Ballen. It's called I FINK U FREEKY. Definitely worth a watch.



Tampering with the Sacred

Erasing ‘The Americans’

Mishka Henner, an artist who lives in Manchester, England, recently self-published “Less Américains.” The book consists of photographs from Robert Frank’s book “The Americans” that Henner has transformed by erasing parts of the original images. We spoke last week about what is likely to be a controversial project.

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Justine Kurland

Ahorn Magazine just released their eighth issue, featuring an essay and new work from Justine Kurland. Here are some photos.

Read the essay here.
Issue 8 also features some awesome work from Irina Rozovsky, Gregory Halpern, Pujan Shakupa, and Yaakov Israel. There are also interviews with Brian Ulrich (one of my favorites), Judith Ross, Sheron Rupp, and a few others.



Christian Patterson

A few photos from Christian Patterson's most recent project, Redheaded Peckerwood.

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Updated Lab

In honor of the new semester, I took the liberty of updating the blog! I'll update all of the links and add some new ones too. Stay tuned!



Kodak Part 2

Yesterday Kodak announced they are going to phase out their digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and digital picture frames. They also mentioned that they would be continuing to invest in film production, which is great news for us! Here's the BJP article.



Kodak Files for Bankruptcy

Kodak filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy today. While it doesn't mean they will go under, it's certainly a possibility. There's also a good chance that the film division will be passed on to another company who might do a better job...or on the other hand, they might just stop making film. Who knows.

Here's an interesting article about how Fuji prepared for the digital landscape twenty years ago, while Kodak spent its money paying out its shareholders.