Some photos from the past few weeks of 4x5

-The Dudes


Brendan George Ko

Sick stuff. more here: http://photo-ma-graphy.blogspot.com/


Henry Peach Robinson + Julia Margaret Cameron

Dude post number two! what whaaat!

Here are two early british artists whos work i saw over WT at the National Gallery of Art--sick exhibit. Cool thing about Henry Peach Robinson, is that his photos are composites of multiple negs...he got famous for being a "pictorialist" the precursor to photomontages.

Kevin Cooley

The dudes (Lucas, Alex, and Dale) are posting this week!

Kevin Cooley does some really amazing stuff, most of his work is shot at night. Check it out.


Vivian Maier's discovered work

This work is part of an unfolding mystery of Vivian Maier, a young woman who worked as a nanny in Chicago and photographed the city, as well as all around the world, in the 1950s and 60s. She was unknown to the world until John Maloof, a 29-year-old real estate agent, aquired her negatives a few years ago at an ordinary estate auction. Turns out the collection comprised over 100,000 negatives, including hundreds of undeveloped rolls of film. Also turns out that the photographs aren't just any old photos. Seems like Walker Evans, Diane Arbus, Mary Ellen Mark and Cartier-Bresson all rolled into one, and every photo that Maloof releases onto the internet is just as intriguing and insightful as the last. See the blog he's set up for tons more photographs, and read about how he's discovered her work. There's currently an exhibit of 80+ posthumous prints on view at the Chicago Cultural Center. Field trip!