Joshua Dudley Greer

While at UGA, I met Josh who is an up and coming photographer whose work entails revisiting sites where legends both real and imagined ( movies) took place. He is prolific and has done many great projects. Check out his website
Apology for the missing texts since they did not fit

Student filmmakers Heather Donahue, Michael Williams and Joshua Leonard disappeared somewhere in these woods near Burkittsville, Maryland in October 1994. The students had set out to make a documentary about a local legend known to haunt the surrounding area.

One year later, badly deteriorated video and sound equipment was found belonging to the three students. The fragmented footage showed the team getting lost and growing despondent over a period of days. Mysterious events were partially recorded including the sounds of strange screaming, a collection of stick figures hanging from trees and the appearance of partial human remains outside their tent. The last frames of footage show the basement of an abandoned house located deep within the woods. Screams can be heard and the camera appears to fall to the ground. The three students are still considered missing, but are presumed dead.

Seneca Creek State Park, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 2009

On October 25, 1994, Susan Smith allowed her car to drift into this lake with her two sons trapped inside. The case received national attention when Smith claimed to have been carjacked by an African-American man before ultimately confessing nine days later.

In 1996, two families drove to this spot to pay their respects and visit a nearby memorial that had been erected. Without warning, one of the vehicles began to drift into the lake with five passengers trapped inside. Two adults jumped in to save their children but drowned along with everyone in the car.

John D. Long Lake, Near Union, South Carolina, 2006

On the night of June 23, 1993, John Wayne Bobbitt came home late after a night of drinking. John's wife Lorena was awoken by his attempts to initiate sexual intercourse but she complained about his unwillingness to allow her to orgasm and refused his advances. Falling in and out of consciousness, John then allegedly forced her to have sex. Afterwards, John passed out on the bed while Lorena went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. She noticed a large kitchen knife on the counter and with thoughts of previous abuse in her head, Lorena grabbed the knife and proceeded to the bedroom where she violently cut off more than half of John's penis.

Lorena immediately drove off with John's penis, which she threw out of her car window into this grassy area less than a mile from their home. She later gathered herself and called 911, informing authorities of the situation and the location of the penis. John, who was severely injured and bleeding, was helped by a friend to a nearby hospital. Teams of police and fire department personnel were dispatched to the scene to recover the penis and after a nine-hour surgery, John's penis was successfully reattached.

Lorena Bobbitt was tried for malicious wounding in 1994 but was found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. After his surgery, John Wayne Bobbitt made a brief living as a porn star, appearing in such films as Frankenpenis and John Wayne Bobbitt - Uncut.

Maplewood Drive and Old Centreville Rd, Manassas, Virginia, 2008

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