Hey guys, Dale here. I've been in contact with JR, the french street artist who won the TED prize. I've been trying to organize a group action in Cleveland. If anyone is interested, hit me up. Basically we would be taking portraits of people from Cleveland, and then putting up giant posters of them around the city. The idea behind the project is explained in the video on JR's website. They're asking $20 donations per person, which is reasonable considering they are printing and shipping a giant poster to each of us from france (if money is tight, you can ask them to do it for free). Anyway, I'd like to do this with as many people as possible, and the project hasn't really solidified yet, so if you're interested in helping, let me know! We will be shooting b&w, obviously this is open to VisPro as well as 4x5 class and anyone in senior studio. My email is dale.rothenberg@oberlin.edu or you can just leave me a note in the lab if you know where my locker is.

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